Is Riot trying to chase away their playerbase?

One sided teams, horrible balancing, awefull design choices and the worst pathing I have ever seen in a moba. When I log on league and play a game I expect to have fun, but getting a team of people that either int or bought their accounts every game is getting on my nerves. I can't do anything because the enemy team always got free roam to which ever lane I go, if I struggle or not you can bet your soul their support is gonna roam top while botlane loses 2v1. The team balancing is god awefull, throw the rabble on one team and then the sweaty diamond team on to the other with the occasional challenger or grand master. I want to have fun games where there is back and forth, but there never is back and forth. Only small periods where my team is pushing through but mostly it's just one way steam roll with gold and unranked vs diamonds. Is riot trying to piss of their playerbase? Are they trying to create a toxic community and see how bad it can get?

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