Im stuck in same elo for longer time.

Hello, I bet you have heard this many times now, that a player is stuck in one elo. For me it is that case. i´ve had some really "intresting" games lately, where some teammates just pioritise on feeding. I have tryed everything, from playing support to midlane carry, in all cases i succeed in that but i dont get any further, since its how they say, luck, if u get a team that actually is 5 members who can play their lane.i kinda messed up first 10 games since i was new to all of that elo and rank play, but now im quite certain that im better than most of players who are in same elo as i am. I really like this game, but its nervreking to play this furthermore as chat is only rubbish, no teamwork. I really hope you could help me somehow with this problem. 1 option i really like would me startign all over again, replaying first 10 games, as those are the games that will decide your elo, Thank you, eccoecco95

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