Please consider this, when arguing about Hextech or Dnymic Queue

Lately the boards are full of threads complaining about Hextech and Dynamic/Soloq. Which is something good, cause it means that We as Players are invested in this game and are trying to improve it. Sadly a lot of Arguments on these threads consist of really weird answers. So plaese, before you answer to such a thread consider this. 1. You do not have the "Right" to get anything from Riot at all. - So please stop Demanding Stuff. BUT 2. If someone critizises something, it can be a viable cirtizism even if that something is given stuff away for free. If someone says: "I don't think Riot is reaching their goal of Supporting Good Performance with Hextech crafting, as the harder component to get are keys which are just grinding" you can definitly disagree or counterargue stuff. But pls dont just comment: It's free stuff. Don't complain. 3. Sample Groups. If you just played 20 games and didn't get a single key fragment there can be a lot of causes. MAybe you got unlucky. Maybe the system is broken, Maybe it's bugged. You can definitly add your Case to some discussion. But pls don't use it as "FACT" for anything. If you search enough you will also find somebody who won 10 games and got 10 fragments. That's how chance works. try to argur on actual Data with more than just a handfull of cases. 4. Remember that the stuff you see on those boards is not representative for the LoL community. If you look at the boards you will see mostly Players who a) Probably played for a while b) probably wanna complain aboout something. That's not representative for the entire Community. So while for example it's definitly true that not beeing able to use Champion shards for anything usefull sucks (and Riot says they are working on it) this only affects a very small amounts of players. 5. Accept that Players enjoy the game differently and there is no "Right" way to do it. If you type something like: "Well get some friends then" under a statement about somebody who wants Soloq back you clearly have not understood what this person wants. 6. Pls stop trying to know everything about a person if they make one post. Maybe the one person complaining about Champion shards is not a grateful perosn. Maybe he is. Maybe the one complaining about Premades in Ranked IS just someone who always balmes his Team, maybe he isn't. if someone doesn't wanna queue with more people jsut to get more keys maybe they are antisocial, maybe not. It doesn't really matter for the discussion. This has been a Public Service Announcement. Stay Tuned For Follow up.
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