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Hi! I recently returned to league and while I like the new runes and stuff I don't know how to feel about the new ways to get Blue essence and the level cap being removed For one, before everyone got the same amount of IP right? which and you got IP after every match and with a little grind it wasn't that hard to get champions but now it just seems like you get blue essence ONLY with levelling? what about in the future when people have to grind ages just to level to get blue essence when they want a 6300 champ? It's gonna take a lot lot longer isn't it? and I've been reading the forums and seen that apparently now a lot of people are making fun of lower levels like "you're below my level, what do you know?" is this true? I don't get why riot did this? I am all for their other changes but this also wasn't sure which bit to put the post in so just put it in champions and gameplay
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