The passive effect of Oblivion Orb - changing the balance of objects hanging "Grievous Wounds"

The other day I thought about one issue and decided to turn to support (see messages below). @My letter My friends and I have been playing for a long time (3+ years each) in League of Legends, mainly on the EUW server. Recently, we thought about one interesting point in the balance of items in-game store (which is in the match of the game, and not in the client). The fact is, items hanging Grievous Wounds (terrible wounds, like in Russian) are not equal: the Executioner blade, as well as the Bramble West vest, make it possible, by collecting the corresponding expensive item, to buy only part of it and already lower the enemy’s heal in battle, however, these items attach to AD champions and tanks respectively. But what about magicians who also want to collect an item that hangs Grievous Wounds? They must FULLY collect Morellonomicon to hang Grievous wounds, and not part of Oblivion Orb. We decided that this is somewhat unfair to AP champions - they can collect this item later than their opponents, and much later - the same blade costs 800 gold, and Morellonomicon - 3000, 2.75 times more expensive (sort of ) Maybe in the new balance update, add this passive effect and Oblivion Orb to make Grievous Wounds more accessible to magicians? This will add variation to the game. Personally, when I play the mage when it is necessary to cut the heal of the enemies, in most cases I collect piercing and AP objects like Rabadon, not Morellonomicon, because for one passive effect it costs too much. I don’t know if you were offered such a support, but I decided to write it, because in my opinion, this will balance the objects that cause terrible wounds in the game. If you can, comment on any of your answers (why add, do not add). I understand that the developer (s) of balance can give a concrete answer, so I’m ready to wait, but as a player who likes LoL, I would be interested to hear your answer. Hope my question will be helpful. @Answer Hello! Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, the support has no direct connection with the balance and development teams, so if you have suggestions for changing / fixing the game, then you can always safely suggest the idea in the official forum in the General Discussion section. You can also send the idea to the NA forum in the "General Discussion" section. There you can always create a topic and share thoughts that the League community can see. If other players support your idea, then it is very likely that it will not go unnoticed by the developers. Personally, I believe that the observation is fair and that there should be a piece of a hot pot for cutting the heal. ---- ==== ---- What do you think about this? I am completely for the balance in the game, so even if by voting it turns out that my idea is not very, I will not be offended, but if it came to you, then maybe we, as players, will be able to influence the balance ourselves: D VOTING!!! @ VOTING MUSIC
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