Taliyah should have been a Support

So Taliyah got revealed, and she's a control mage solo-laner, which makes me very dissapointed. Her whole story was about protecting people: - She left her family to protect them from herself - She ran away from Noxus, because she didn't want to hurt people - The only time she hurt someone was when she protected herself(from an avalanche) - When she was in danger, she only used her abilities to CC(with Yasuo doing the actual damage) - She left Yasuo to go back and protect her family She was all about protecting the people she loved, which made me really think that she's a support. As I support-main it made me really excited; as I really love mage-supports and am a Toph-fan. Plus it just was the time for a new Support, because champions are released in a specific role-order. And yes, I know Aurolion Sol isn't a traditional mage support, but the last support was Bard; for which you can say the same - both allies as enemies are affected by his abilities. Plus they've been releasing champions quite fast this year, if they'd kept this up you'd get your traditional mage soon enough following the original order. And I know she might still see some play in the Support role, but they'll always balance her as a solo-laner(the first few years atleast).
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