Why do we need promo games?

For making you mentally ill? Seriously in 0-100 lp games I even get **good** teams, but when I have to deal with promos, I feel like some guy is playing "X" champion for the first time. Why can't promos just be when you are about to league up?(plat to diamond for example). Promos just challenge your mentality and probably when the system wants to make a promo game, they always put a big disadvantage on one team, and a big advantage on another team. Promos are the games which I almost never see as usual rankeds. It's always that one team will stomp super hard. Upvote = Promos should be removed or reworked. Also share this with your friends! You can also link to other server forums(NA example). They can actually use NA account to upvote on EU boards(no lies). If any red actually saw this and read it that far, there is no reason to leave this with no reply... [You might want to check this link](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4848525&page=1#post49816717)
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