Tanks VS Juggernauts

I was wondering which one should be stronger in the late game with full build, full tank champ or juggeranut. I want to believe that it is juggernaut. take darius for example. i had a matchup with ornn about 3 weeks ago or smthn it was lil bit easier around lvl 6 , though not very easy but in late game... oh boy. FULL TANK ORNN kicked my ass. he wasnt fed. its not like he tped to bot and got 4 kills. no. we had equal amount of items and lvl, i didnt miss single Q to heal myself and tried using my E at the right moment, YET he killed me. i lost to a tank. lets consider i am a shitty player with darius but you do realize that tanks deal good dmg right? i mean its ridiculous.they shouldnt be able to win against juggernauts. is it me who thinks this way? ornn was too OP ealier and even now he's good. for few months after his release, he was broken. i wonna hear your thoughts about this maybe im looking at it from the wrong angle idk. TL:DR-- juggernauts deal lower dmg than tanks, why? {{summoner:14}}
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