Lvl 100 Doom Bots JUNGLE SINGED ViCTORY!!!!

Lvl 100 Doom bots SINGED WIN
Me wining in lvl 100 doom bots as Singed
Anyway.ive just won lvl 100 doom bots as singed.i was premade with kogmaw(thank god we won cause he was toxic af).so whole plan was to buy time for kogmaw and whole team to scale and delay bots for pushing into our base by making them chase me.singed is super good if ur team know what ur can even make bots dive you behind t2 turret and they gonna completely ignore you and your friend and you can get free kills on them.unfortunately 1st time i got stuned by lux and 2nd time yasuo took aggro from bots and made my job hard. in the end i had 2nd most damage dealt to champions after kogmaw believe it or not yasuo had only 1 k xD but still.yasuo as support to hypercarry like kogmaw is super good cause of his windwall velkoz is just aoe damage zilean is amazing cause you can aoe stun and damage all bots and in the end his clutch ult saved kogmaw to finish fcking teemo Enjoy xD
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