I CANNOT at the same time

- initiate a teamfight - focus their ADC - protect our adc - CC their Katarina/Master Yi/Tryndamere/WhateverhastobehardCCdATM Pick one. I am a tank, not a freaking god. If you think, that some of these important, usually mutually exclusive things have to be done, PICK ONE. Two, if you are pushing it. - Our adc fed and their behind? focus on protecting the carry, hopefully they will live long enough to grind everyone down - Our adc behind and their snowballing? Do not bother protecting someone that is not contributing much anyway. their adc has to die - they have a bunch of squishies and our team has a decent follow-up? Can think about initiating. - they have fed Yi? THERE IS NO WAY I AM USING MY CC TO INITIATE. We need it to lock Yi, period, everything else takes the backseat. if i burn my cooldowns to initiate anything on anyone that is not Master Yi, he will use his teammates as sandbags and then slice us all to ribbons. Do not type "focus the carry", YI IS THE CARRY.
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