Worst Losing Streak Ever Experienced

Wow is all I have to say. I think I lost 7 games in a row maybe 8 - I don't even want to count. But my goodness the matching system and the teams it was putting together. I personally find having 3 unranked members on my team in the same game completely unacceptable. Of course the game is lost. Followed by multiple games of inting and rage quiting. I literally was like... what is going on today? Then to finally top it all off... Had a nunu jungle troll dying 13 times in less than 15 minutes while he calling people various religious names and using the N word. Once he felt he inted enough he exited the game. The enemy team was nice enough to apologise and say they felt sorry for us. I think the dude ended up with 9 reports from that single game. Everyone in enemy team wrote in chat they reported him - got instant feedback report and he probably got banned. But seriously... I don't know what has been up with matching system yesterday and today. I don't mind playing with qualifiers / unranked players - % of them prolly smurfs. But to have it multiple times in a row including players a full tier below is a bit unfair.
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