TFT hackers

So as we are in beta people are climbing the ranked ladder using hacks . i've seen players just botting with accounts afk to get lp to their main . Also i noticed some players dropping items for themselves using a script and even gold . There are alot of websites now selling scripts for TFT mode . So the game starting to become unhealthy specially in ranked . There is no report system sadly and I don't know how riot is going to stop those cheaters . Like a player in the mid of a fight with me he dropped 4 items in an instant . Bf sword tear and attack speed with Hp . He had no items and instant drop them out no where . Also i saw people jumping from 10 gold interest in 1 round to 30 gold interest. Which is impossible unless there is cheating . Come on Riot Please Do something about this .... I do understand that developing the mode is important but if it is going to be ruined even in the beta with cheaters then what is the point of launching it ????? It will just be a failure .
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