You just ruined whole Teemo's point

For five years. FIVE FREAKING YEARS I played Teemo as a miner as an a tactician. I memorized every spot that I can shroom to get some kills/assists. I really was enjoying to play as tactician and manipulator. AND NOW with your freaking 5 minute duration of the shrooms you RUINED the whole point of tactics. You just turned him to another semi-skill-shot based underpowered champion who can't get to any level of usefulness. THere is now no fun to place shrooms cause they expiring so fast you actually seeing it at your lane phase. AT YOUR FREAKING LANE PHASE when you still farming your shrooms DYING around you. you are wasting your shrooms in 25% of game time. If you stack them at your pockets to throw in teamfight you are not plenting them and you don't have vision, if you dont stacking them - you dont have vision cause they are expiring too fast. This is so frustrating actually now EVEN MORE frustrating than before to play Teemo.
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