Implementing summoner icons sorting

I was wondering if anyone else is beginning to get annoyed with the chaos that is the current summoner icon system? I feel as though there are now too many icons and was wondering if anyone else would be keen for Rito to implement a way to sort the icons, perhaps similar in the way that they've classified skins into categories? Maybe labels like "Esports", "Ultimate Skins", "Harrowing", etc. would make it easier. It would also be great if we could choose a few icons to mark as "Favourites" so that we don't have to try sifting through all the icons to find the ones we like most. I get that this is very much a 'quality of life' feature so is probably the last thing on Riot's to-do list, but it might be nice if it's something that gets worked on slowly. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} TL;DR Please implement icons categories, Rito.
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