How do you stay motivated?

Hi guys, So I'm around level 27 now and looking forward to trying out ranked when I hit 30 and the new season starts. I've been watching a lot of videos on how to improve, and I'm pretty decent with Garen. Right now I'm trying to learn Jax/Illaoi/Tryndamere - because I feel like it might be easier to carry with them. One theme that seems to carry across a lot of the instructional videos is that every game hinges entirely on you - if you don't carry and win, you're loss is entirely on you... I've been trying to take this ideal on board but it's hard. I've noticed that even though I'm only level 27, I am constantly paired with/against people with gold/platinum borders. I don't understand how that can happen - I know it's not ranked but surely normal's have some method of not outmatching players? Furthermore, half the time it's the people with these borders that lose the game faster than it's possible to carry it. I'm not saying I'm amazing at the game, but if you look at my most recent game with Jax. My team gave something like 24 kills in under 20 minutes - the game before that something similar happened. I don't have the skill yet to carry in the face of that and it's hard to stay motivated, and try to improve when it seems almost futile in the face of fight-hungry team mates. In the last game I asked my team to stop fighting around 20 minutes in because it wasn't working - they insulted me for having 0/0/0 score at this time in the game - yet I was nearly 100cs above all of them - I think the highest cs on both teams overall - and I had taken my lanes turret, and was about to take the inner inhib. How do you guys stay focused and continue to try and improve when there is no reward? I'm hoping that ranked plays a little differently and it's not all this kill-mongering, I don't have high hopes though judging by the play styles of those with borders whom I've encountered so far. Would really appreciate advicee from those of you who have reached higher ranks - are Garen/Jax/Tryndamere/Illaoi good picks? I also play Nocturne and I just picked up Rammus to try and improve my jungle game. Is there any way to win a game when you're entire team is losing hard?
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