This is actually getting annoying

I thought gold elo is where people actually start waking up and seeing how people play correctly. But no, after this game, I was proven infinitely wrong. Don't even check stats on (everyone did bad on the team) but some people's game knowledge is actually worse than in bronze. So, we had a player who thought it's good to: 1: overextend when enemies had Baron 2: give infernal up without a fight 3: call us monkeys because he couldn't survive in lane and 4: do nothing correctly. Is this actually real? If this is gold ELO in all of its majesty, I'd prefer playing in Bronze. How is it possible to climb when people efficiently try to lose games? How can I climb when people in my team are almost clueless? I wouldn't be surprised if everyone on my team every game typed in "Sorry had a bad game" and everyone on the enemy team "gg unlucky had my best game ever".
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