How to actually counter Tristana?

Hello! Just like in te topic. I'm really struggling against Tristana on a lane. Whenever I'm playing against her I usually lose the lane. I know that Tristana has problems at last hitting under the tower but whenever I play aggressive like this, she is just making an all in and burst me out. Especially after 6 level. It doesn't matter if I play devensively or aggressively, I just cannot win. Are there any universal tips for laning against Tristana. It really keeps me hardstucking in my division. I tried to figure out it by myself for a looooong time, but nothing works as it should. Thanks for any help and happy 10th Anniversary! P.S Please, don't say something like "just play (enter the champion name here) ". You cannot play this champ all the time by some random things. If it will help, I'm playing Xayah most of the time.
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