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This is one of my lucky games in Bronze V. Im playing mostly supports (aways on rank). Hope you like the video. Im waiting to see your commends and advices. Tell me what you think do you like it or not. What I need to learn more to be more helpful as support.
Hello everyone. Im new in league of legends. I started just last season. So last season when I first try it Rank I got Bronze I. This season I got Bronze IV and drop to Bronze V. (not sure how this system work but anyway) If some1 of you readed my first thread here I was ask for more visible minimap cuz I got a problem with my vision. (im hal blind) Ofcourse I didn't get understanding from riot but this is expectable... So now im here to ask higher rank players for advices. I thould you about my problem with my vision just to know about then give your opinion. This is a video to show how can I play as support when I get a good attack damage carry. This happened very rare on my rank. (no sure how is on highest ranks) So I just want to give ya example how can I play support when got good team. (as good can be in bronze V) :) So I want to keep play as Lulu and Tahm Kench. (maybe later ill post video with kench too) Please watch the video and tell me what you think whats your advices to me. What more I can do to help my team win. As support I know I must stay near my adc. I must place wards and try to deward when I can. (in this game I didn't deward much that's big mistake I know that) Most of time im worrie about my positions im not sure where I must be when or before team fights. Also not sure if I play good on the lane. (hope you give advice about that) Actualy I got big problem with team work most of time. This days when I see trystana in my team im just ready to leave the game xD. Most of times players that choce trystana in my opinion just pick her to kill themselves faster. Many times this players just coming on the lane and immediately use their W to jump in to fight withoud anyreason. So than comes so hard to me to keep them alive and most of time they are dead and after this me2. :D So is not only trystana players many adc's don't know how to dodge opponents spels and when to fight. But im sure I don't too. So please tell me your opinion what you think about this video this is like my best game. But im sure I didn't do perfect. So tell me where I wrong. As support shall I be agresive (with lulu or kench) most of times I start little bit defensive with lulu and sometimes not so defensive with kench. (ofc depends of situation( One of most important questions is shall I try to haras or better stay behind my carry ready to safe hem? Shall I stay all the time with my adc or I must try help all lanes when I can? (Im doing this sometime when my adc is weak) And most important question is it is possible to get out of Bronze (not only Bronze V but get silver or even high) with support. Which supports I must choce to can do that. What items shall I pick as first and everything you can tell me to help me get out of this hell. :D (haha) Several times I was up to promos with 1 free win. And at promos I fail a lot of times cuz o very stupid reasons. Leavers or players that pick for like uhm my best example is ashe top :D. Last time we has Zed that begin feed cuz all the team didn't vote for remake. Our jg was not conncet but all lanes was fine so we wanted to keep play. 4 min later jg was back and Zed just said something like (**** you kiddos I go troll) and he begin feeding. :D so we lost Ofc not all times in promos are like that once I was get to bronze IV and drop again to V. So anyway now im looking for my mistakes and what can I do to win as support. Hope youll enjoy and help me. Thanks in advance!
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