Tanks No Longer Have A Weak Early Game

Dear Riot Games / Balance Team, You are constantly trying to improve this game. You are hell-bent on class reworks nobody asks for, you are churning out new champion at a rate that is astounding...yet you are losing players and Season 8 has become the "worst season in League" according to polls. I would like to address one issue of the many. **Top lane Tanks / Juggernauts** When you did Runes Reforged you had to modify the base stats of champions. This, alongside with the Resolve Tree completely changed the dynamics of Tanks / Juggernaut champions. You have spent MONTHS buffing bad kits to a point where it is no longer possible to get these champions behind. Cho loses no stacks upon dying, Mundo 100% max health regeneration, Garen 60% damage reduction for up to 6 seconds for absolute no reason. Tanks / Juggernauts had a WEAK early game. They had to farm up and scale to mid - late game. This is no longer the case. What happened? How come you are consistently overtune outdated kits that involve running at you and autoing you to death? Garen / Mundo / Nasus / Chogath / Maokai etc. are virtually invulnerable both late and early game. What is the the counterplay against them now in lane? With half a brain these champion no longer die. A half decent tank will just recall and lose 5-6 farm which is perfectly alright because their itemization is cheap. So what is my issue here? I don't hate tanks, I think that a "competitive" game needs tanky and squishie champions, they are strategically important. My issue is that by overtuning these champions you ruin completely a lane: Top lane. Whenever these champions walk to lane with 700+ hp and a Doran's Shield you lose all opportunity at ....basically laning. You basically farm and have very little interaction. Just an example: http://champion.gg/champion/Fiora/Top? This is Fiora top.** A hypercarry true damage champion is now LOSING against tanks.** I repeat, you overtuned kits like Mundo and Garen to the point where the true damage carry is LOSING. All this after you introduced a true damage Keystone. Isn't something wrong here? Again, I want to be clear. The game NEEDS strong tanks late game. The game does not need them to be this tanky early game without farming. You are incentivising the players to play very low skill, very dumb champions. You are wondering why this season is so bad...here's one. You go on and on about how outdated some kits are and yet we are having a Dr Mundo / Garen meta top lane. The most brainless kits in the game are viable bot in low and high elos. You are killing the reason to play top.
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