Why is Riot ruining their own game?

Is Riot masochistic or why do they ruin their own game? Matchmaking? Well if you are premade, you have a higher chance of winning, due voice chat - do you get stronger opponent in exchange? No, because Riot doesn't care Client? Pff, who needs a client anyway Kassadin or Diana? - well lets try -5 MS again, maybe if we keep doing it, it will work Ekko top jungler and midlaner for 6 months now? Pfff, his Ult is totally fine, I mean a Guardian Angel (restoring about 3/4 of his health) with lower Cooldown, a handy flash on top, and just to make it sweeter with some AOE burst damage killing everything inside? Naut and Leona? Best Supports how long again? Like 3-4 months? There was no reason for any blitz buff. Lets increase his Q range for no reason. Do they really think they make Naut balanced after that Q damage nerf?
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