How to play Master Yi

Hi! Im a bronze player from Season 6 and i play only Normal Matches and and my main roles are Support and Top, I'm a passive player and I don't want to take risks. For the past two weeks, I've made up my mind to want to learn the Jungle and I've tried Warwick, Diana, Nocturne and Master Yi. WW and Nocturne give me more security. The other two, during the game I feel constantly threatened by opponents, especially when I play Master Yi and as a result I can not play well and be helpful to my teammates. I wanted to ask some questions; I know more or less the style of play of Master Yi, I saw some videos of Cowsep to understand a little how to play the champion but in the end I can't replicate what he does, just because I have a passive player mentality and I do not like to take risks. 1) What are the enemy junglers that I absolutely must not fight in 1v1? For example at level 2 when the crab is contested in the river; I already realized on my skin that Kha Ziz, Kai Sa and Nocturne cannot be fight early. 2) Which ones can I fight 1v1 in early game? 3) How do I understand when it is time to invade? I never practically invade because I am always afraid that in the camps there is the enemy jungler waiting for me. I would like to change mentality, Master Yi I think it is a champion that needs a more active play and must look for the kill as soon as possible. Stay in the jungle up to Lv. 6 without gank and take at least a couple of assists, penalizes the champion in early game and consequently will be a burden for the rest of the game. What I miss about him is knowing his limits. At every moment of the match, even during the 1v1, I am always afraid of not being strong enough and consequently losing the fight. If I'm not mistaken, I have noticed that it is strong when it is 1 or 2 levels above the opponents. Just stay under even a level or be at the same level of the enemy and many greetings, you only become a burden on the team. 4) When should but BotRK and when Wits End? In the builds I've seen, Wit's End it's a situational item and i don't know when to buy it. 5) Optimum build for Master Yi? I see that they recommend the Yellow Rune (Conq, coup de grace etc.) and as secondary the red one (sudden impact and taste of blood .. Cowsep replace Sudden impact for the Poro trinket) Normally I build Skirmisher Blade for attack speed, Tabi, Guinsoo, BotRK, Frozen mallet and Sterak, always in this order. In some builds is advised to buy Essence River after Skirmisher Blade but I'm not very used to it. In short, I do not aim to become a top Master Yi player but at least be myself useful for my team; I've been playing for two weeks in a row, two hours in the evening but the most I could do with him is an A+ but normally I only take B. when I win, it's because the team carried me, not because I did particularly well.

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