i can't take it anymore .... as a supp main

i know ever supp champ "but not lulu" ..... i really don't know what to do .... ... i have 3 things i might do 1 - find an adc 2 - find anyone who play well and rank up 3 - start trolling till my acc get a ban this is 1 of my games you can look at my match history http://prntscr.com/fpw96h http://prntscr.com/fpw96h http://prntscr.com/fpw9v3 not 1 or 2 games that makes me say that but it's like 9 games and the sad thing that i try to win in solo q .... boom mid all the time loss top feed as %%%% and in bot i am camped yet i win it i tell the jangler bot is good go top and mid we can 3 v 2 no he come then and %%%% the lean up .... i don't know what to do it's in every game the go for kills and leave the towers ... go to kill the supp and leave a free drak ..... i don't know what to feel .... i tried to play adc ... won a game thanks to luck i think .... then i %%%%ed up sivir vs cait never work :D i am in plat 4 solo ... plat 2 3 v 3 .... plat 4 flex .... was plat 1 but we had afk apc like 3 games and i %%%%ed up my pick 2 games ... anyway i am looking for an adc now from gold to D ..... if you use the chat to talk in game and not some shity jokes and flame ... pls add me and we can rank up .. easly or if you are a jungler we can play and your bot will never loss "well 80% of the time" ohh and sorry for my eng
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