How can i dodge skillshots?

Hi guys! I need some help to improve my play.When i try to hit skillshots,I often anticipate correctly,resulting in a kill(or a grab) but my problem is when I have to dodge skillshots.When i play against higher elo players,they can dodge my abilities.That's no problem,I think I can learn myself how to hit them,but I would like to know how to dodge skillshots like they do.When an ez or jinx ult approaches me,I have no idea what to do,and end up being killed.When a blitz(doesen't have to be a good one) uses his grab,it an easy kill for their team.Even if I have some abilities like Lucian's E or Vayne's Q,I still don't know how to use them properly to escape from death.It would be nice if you guys could help me fix this problem.
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