Getting energized for league

Hi, I want to ask you if you have some advice how to get energized so I can concentrate more for the ranked game. The problem ist my holidays have ended and I feel more exhausted cause of school. I go about at 12 pm to bed and must stand up about 7 an. Mondays I got 11 hours school, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I got 9 hours, Thursdays I got 6 hours and Fridays 4 hours of school. When I go back to ranked I play like dog poop, an example that you can all understand: I play like my teammates 😂. But seriously I need some tips for that and please nothing with coffein or oder liquids/foods. PS: I am unusually here so it would be nice if you just add me and give me your advice, if not then I'll try to visit boards again. Thanks and happy 10 years of LOL ^^
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