Easiest Champions to climb from Low Elo (b2) (I NEED YOUR HELP!)

Hi All, A non-sexually frustrated LoL player here who needs an advice here. Long story short - i have 210 mastery with champions and quite a bog pool of champs. I played a lot of normals, experimented around, found my role and so on. To be fair - Jungle is where i am home - i love roaming arround, ganking, i average my CS as high as the lanes and i know i contribute properly. However ever since the end of last season all i have is losses in Ranked (since i started that toxic trail) I was B2, moved to B1, almost promo to S5 and then it is straight downhill to B2 again. I am pissed off, i just am. Even switched from tank Jungles to Jax and WW to do more kills and still sustain and still we keep losing. I am sure i can do more or perhaps other jungles are better so i decided - f*ck it i will try whatever it takes. I heard Garen {{champion:86}} Top is a solo carry option (+ at top you do rely on yourself at the end of the day, so at least i can't blame anyone but myself) and to be fair it's not far fetched. Even when we lose i am like 10-4 with 4 turrets taken by myself. A Gold 1 friend suggested Soraka {{champion:16}} at Support and with the new runes especially i can see why. (We all know if someone falls hard it's usually bot lane, since there are 2 people there) + my secondary role used to be support anyway. Either way i need suggestions - **I need simple, easy to play and carry (if possible hyper carry) champs**. (with runes and buildes if possible) **I have played every role, but i will be honest i don't like to be too squishy so Mid and ADC are not my main choice, but i am desperate so will take anything :)** **Thank you in advance!**
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