Is Brand meant to be a support or a midlaner? I am actually confused.

His base damages are monstrous, but his scaling are somewhat.. Meh. Despite him doing well with a Morello rush start, Frost Queen's Claim's passive is so much better on him due to his passive proc'ing it 3 times (max) whenever his abilities hit a champion. His W is a long range poke that sets up ranged minions to be cleared by your ADC very easily (Cait Q, Jhin Q, Jinx rocket, etc) I just feel like that despite his release as a squishy mage carry, the shifting of itemization, matchups and the meta itself kind of shows that he does so much better as a support than a midlaner. I actually find it a nightmare to face any of the new assassins or deal with ganks as a midlaner when I'm playing him. Can someone just clarify Brand's true identity as a champion in the game for me please? I feel like I can't do it for myself. {{champion:63}} {{item:3303}}
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