Simply remove Lich Bane from game, because it totally screws your champion balance

Notable champions ----------- Ekko Twisted Fate (mage burst build) Fizz ===== These champions are majorly screwed in their balance with Lich Bane persisting in game. Because of Lich Bane, Ekko has scale of 40% on his E. FORTY PERCENT. For a midlane AP damage champion. I can continue, but the other champs you can think by yourself. These champions either go insanely OP, or go insanely useless. Depending on the mood of crowd and moving their basic stats. Also Rito actively refuses any real attempts to buff those champions when needed. Like Ekko is being useless champion for years and nobody cares. Or the opposite, these champions could get insanely OP. PS. About Ekko, they also refuse to rework his W and E, just pushing some numbers into it. This mechanics does NOT WORK. Nobody cares of this stupid "expansion" on Ekko's W. Guess why? Because you yourself, Riot, gave everybody FREE WARDS. You gotta be super dumb to be hit by Ekko's W.
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