My last ranked game

I play ranked duo with friend, I got adc (Jinx), he jg (shaco). In the very first seconds in pre-game chat our support was writing shit like: "you don't know BASICS", "if you so smart tell me how gold generation works", "i bet, you don't know that", "you stupid bitch". It looked like she continued conversation with someone, but noone else was replaying, and noone was in club with her, so I asked "who you talking to?", she continued her shit talk, everyone was kind of irritated already. I write "you are one crazy plant woman :)" (she was Zyra) and then it all started. "Jinx you want to go solo bot? I'm not your slave. I'm not adc support. I'm team support". I was like wtf, what did i say, but I remain silent. She started game with {{summoner:12}} and {{summoner:11}} , starting item {{item:3302}} . So I thought "omg, not a troll support again", but I still was silent cos I didn't want to be alone in lane. She then went with my friend to camps, try to steal blue and Gromp, when she almost died there, go back and teleport to me on bot. Whole this time she was wring shit like "You don't know how gold generates work. Tel me who got more gold 5/5/0 or 0/5/5?". And this was to me! I don't know why she targets me to all her talk and why this "gold generation" question was all she was talking about. She leaves me alone in early few times, becouse "team support". When she stopped writing, we were doing pretty well. Our team were winning until our top (Nidalee) started complaing how we all feed Jax and LeBlanc, and even if they didn't kill me once it was apparently my fault! (she told us thet 3 times during game). It was long game and we lost it. Wasn't my best game, but not worst either. Zyra was complaing how I don't ward, that "I'm only eager to kills", that I don't play to win, the post-game chat was awfull. I've NEVER see anyone write so much in chat and be so negative from the very start. Looking at her game history she goes only Zyra with Teleport, Smite and Face of the Mountain. I can't and even wouldn't report her for that, non-meta build are ok. But I'm sure she shit-talk every game, so how she doesn't have chat restriction already?! I wanted to copy-paste post game chat, or screenshot it, but decided it's not worth it. I assume I can't get it now, right? There is no way to see chat now if I din't record it?
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