Does Anyone buy Hunter's Potion ?

I always find myself on ok HP without it, so i ask, is hunter's potion even decent to get ever, i don't really know why its in the game. I could imagine in low elo it could be kind of useful in some ways, but, in high elo (and even recommended builds) the item is obsolete. I can only find one use for it, and its with the rune Time Warp Tonic, in which i assume ( i havent tried it myself) the moment you kill a camp and you have the 5 stacks of hunters potion, you will get some extra MS. If you need mana, the jungle item + scuttle + blue gives you that, if you need hp, they made it so that the jung item gives you enough hp back. So i don't know why the item exists. So i would ask you, do you buy the item on a specific champ, or never ?
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