Season 6 placements explain why people boost

So after my trying to get out of Bronze in season 4 and 5 I finally did it mid way through season 5. I ended the preseason silver 3 and was delighted to finally get out of Bronze and what I thought was staying out. But the evil Riot had something to say about it. I went 5-5 in my placements and was expecting to stay in the silver bracket, nope BRONZE FUCKING 3. This is not fair to players who grinded the shit out of solo queue in Riots broken system. Yes, I will be able to carry out again but to what end? To finally make it back to where I was 4 days ago? That took me two season to reach? I know it won't take 2 seasons to reach again, but with the time that it will take and the depression that comes out of Bronze it's safe to say I'm not even goin to try. Fuck you Riot and fuck you Season 6.
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