How is it possible that lissandra is so bad?

Hello fellow summoners! a couple days ago i saw the new skin for lissandra on the pbe and thought to myself that it'd be cool to play her, get good with her, and buy the skin as soon as it comes out. the problem is, lissandra is just so hard to play and actually isn't even that strong to be worth playing. so i ask now, what is the point of making a skin for a champion that isn't dishing out a lot of damage AND is super hard to play? also, is she not working because the META isn't allowing her to shine, or is she straight out hard to play, or am i just a bad league of legends player? and what can i do to improve with her besides playing lots of games with her? i'v been playing like 6 games already, all in which i really sucked and didnt play good, had bad stats, and basically i was a train wreck. its really important for me to know the answers to my questions because i know that everything is possible, so i know i can be good with her, but im not, so its a bit of a puzzle to me, and i hope some of you can shed a bit of light over this issue.
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