Flat magic penetration, lethality and other specific stats runes issues

Even if I don't really like the new rune concept as a whole, I'm aware it's probably because I don't like changes and it will be fine in a few months. Yet I'm not fully convinced it's not assistantship toward those who could not have their own reflexions on their playstyles then convert it into their own rune pages. The result is just that we are loosing this kind of "specific" playstyle only to end with sterile gameplays because now everyone will do the same thing. It's clearly the turn Riot Games decided to take and it's very understandable for commercial reasons. However, there is something that rustles my jimmies regarding the flat magic penetration and lethality runes. It seems to be the two major stats that are literally let down by the new rune system. It was possible to have around 20 magic penetration/lethality in the past, now it's 0, but this is a crazy significant change that apparently is not a concern for the developpers. I was following the evolution of the subject throught the last few months and it's clear that it was not their objective to do something about it, even if a lot of people warned developpers about the issue. Their official words about the old runes/masteries system are the following : _[...]splitting all of the power across so many pieces prevents us from making any of your choices important—or powerful—enough, to really be cool._ _[they] don't give you enough room to customize your playstyle[...]_ But the new system forces you to take a bit of this, a bit of that, and a lil' of this, this is the end of the "full HP/AP/Lethality/whatever" page that was "important or powerful enough to really be cool", this is the exact opposite of their target, this is the exact opposite of their statement and I really would like to see them defending their position on this because I'm conflicted. But I just hope for some "sustainability of the game regarding the addaptation of a lazy playerbase" rather than just some sterile-like answer saying they are "thinking about it" while they don't actually give a damn. And please, don't tell me it's a balancing question when such an update is just heavily destabilizing 8 years of balancing work and is now live, out of the PBE. My two cents.
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