League of Snowball 2018 - We actually managed to turn a snowballing game yesterday!

Hi Y'all, **I do not want to insult anyone, especially RIOT, as i do love this game and appreciate every moment in it - even the losses.** Having said that, there is a drastic change in the dynamics of games (at least most ELOs) these days and everyone sees it. I don't know if it is the runes (i do not know what else) but once a game goes in one direction, it usually ends there _(unlike the band - One Direction, who are now nowhere :D)_ It is not just the gold difference and the pushing potential of the enemy, but also the psychological effect it has, especially on younger or more emotional players who quit easily. But yesterday (the first of at least 50 games) i actually saw a turnaround. We were losing early with 5-15, people were angry, there was no teamwork, turrets going down - you know how it is. But for some miracle we won a few teamfights, everyone got a few kills, a few items. The other team seemed like losing moral and we won! Now, this isn't some glorious, future Ridley Scott movie, David and Goliath story, but it just shows how rare turning a game arround is and .... that at least in my mind ... this should not be it. **A game, a truly competitive game, is one which can turn at any point. After all this isn't just a game, right? It's our game ;)** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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