Ornn feels good but bad

Okay so i really enjoy playing ornn and he is the only champ in the game that iam having fun with ever since his release and what you did to him in 9.1 riot is really good. BUT he feels REALLY Squishy now. The 10% increase in armor and magic resist from items and runes isnt enough to keep him alive like how his shield did. He can't win every trade in lane anymore and that is good but his late game is so squishy without the shield. I would love to see something towards the passive to maybe increase it to 15 or 20% instead of 10 or give him a mini shield that shield for 100 when it is maxed at lvl 5. Just the day before did i surivive 4 people trying to kill me becuase of the shield and and the last guy even ignited me but with the new passive non of that would have worked. I would for real rather have the shield than the unstoppable becuase you even nerfed.{{champion:516}}
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