kogmaw needs some love simply because he doesnt excell at anything. need shred tanks? vayne/ kaisa/kayle do that. need poke ? ezreal(yes talking about ult) burst? lucian/ mf/tristana teamfight? jinx/mf/twitch my proposal: replace passive to become on hit magic dmg that is increased based on % of missing hp of enemy. W should work similar to his marksman rework years ago. and it should behave same as it did years ago. double as over 2.5 and reduce dmg of autoattacks. my proposal is to change the effectivness of this effect based on the rank and lvl so he can be shutdown in early game but given time he can kill all. E reduces movent speed by 20-30% but grounds aswell. (you created grounding mechanic for 2 champions.) R: new passive: autoattacks reveal enemy champions for 1 sec(exclude stealth) hitting someone with r will reaveal them for 2 sec.(including stealthed champions from rank 2)
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