Tahm Kench is the most toxic designed champion ever made.

A ''Support'' that is in toplane 90% of his pick rate where he literally is the most anti fun champ to play against. A ''Support'' That can easily take down any bruiser or tank in lane solo by Pressing 2 Skills while it's pointless to fight him because he literally has 2 hp bars to a point where he can win every 1v1. He deals way too much dmg for a support and his the most stupid single target cc chain there is. You literally only can sit under tower till your lane is over or this toxic champ will literally get a Kill of hitting Q once because the slow is so obnoxious and his passive just out damages everything from you. And even in support he is designed to be super anti fun to play against. Wanna get that kill? Nope Tahm comes and stops you from it. Wanna fight midlane? Nope Tahm will bring the 3v1 to your lane? Wanna kill Tahm first? He will counter engage and literally fck you up with his high af base armor and raw dmg he can deal also you probably wont kill him because of his obnoxious shield. I don't know why someone would design a champ that is literally based arround destroying as much fun for the enemy as possible while being super boring to play. He even ruined LCS and Worlds by literally stoping every play from happening by just eat saving someone and made it super boring to watch. Fix this champ Riot.
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