Hextech Chests

Taken out of leagueoflegends.fandom.com > Players earn a Mastery Chest whenever they or a member of their premade party earn an S-, S or S+, while they are playing a champion eligible to earn a chest and have an available chest slot. > > Players can only earn chests while playing a champion they own. > Players can only earn one chest per champion per competitive season. > Note that a champion becomes ineligible after earning a chest, not after obtaining an S grade. So, at the moment, I'm twotricking {{champion:26}} and {{champion:111}}. My concern is, why is there not another way to get Hextech Chests? Out of the 202 ranked games I've played this season, 198 of them were with these 2 champions. I've already gotten the Chests for them of course, but I just can't get more because I just have a small champ pool. Why is there not a way for OTPs to get Hextech Chests just like every other person with a decent champion pool does? I currently have like 5 keys sitting there because I don't have a way to use them because I only play 2 champions, which kinda feels like a punishment for onetricking, when I'd really love to get a couple of chests which could grant me ward skins, BE or even skins for any of the two with a little bit of luck. Just asking if there could be a way for onetricks to enjoy the perks that other people enjoy.
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