So as a tittle says, I've got a question about gifting. Not rp, mystery gift or somethig, but whole account. Is it allowed, if I give it with whole info including emailis, enough rp to change nick and everything that includes it? By the way, if it's allowed and someone wants account with all champions, almost all availible (and not availible) skins and few thousands of rp so u can change name, enough ip for few more rune pages to fill, feel free pm till tomorrows morning :) P.S no scam, virus, keyloger or anything included, everything is clean and u won't see me logging on it for ever :) P.S.S Gifting it since this girl lost all hopes and patience to climb out of silver, maybe support role doesn't deserve this, maybe few games per day only isn't enough to :) Hugs and kisses for every of you, Cause u're all special and beautifull for me, even if we never met :)* Yours forever in love with {{champion:267}}, Karolline

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