Why I don't enjoy winning anymore.

I play this game since S4. It was a long journey. After some time, I think it was season 8, I noticed that winning doesn't excite me anymore. The reason, I think, is that I play assassins. Blowing somebody up was exciting when my class was the only one cappable of doing it and had a lot of other downsides to be able to do that. I think that after damage became the main factor determining the outcome of a fight I didn't feel the same enjoyment in blowing people up and when I wanted to play other roles to feel fulfilled, they were the same as my role. Mages used to be more utility based. Stunning people was winning games. Tanks were winning throught teamfights and good engages. Supports were winning by healing and protecting the rest of the team. Jungle could not only gank but also fill the gaps in the team composition. Marksman could aa somebody to death and it wasn't just 3 aa, but more and orb walking was the main mechanic. Brusers were basically the same as now, but now tanks are the same as brusers, they just suck more. Assassins were blowing people up, during laning phase tho they needed 2 rotations of combo. I think the changes were just not for me.
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