Blue essence gain > more than IP = lie

So, i have gained 8 levels in league of legends, and i have gained only 3000 blue essence since then, while it is said, you are guaranteed 600+ per level, and by ammounts of game time played, in 2 weeks, it is what i normally got per day in ip. And new people, who havent got all champions will have even more trouble to get champions now. At least i have all of them, but its annoying that i have 5 champions with mastery 7 tokens sitting there, and 9 with mastery 6, whoch i cant upgrade with new system, just because ip gains are like 10 times slower than it was previously. A level on average is 10 wins, so in 10 wins previously it was 1000-1500 ip, while now in 10 wins, it sometimes is only like 270, either is bug in the system, or again, riot does not care for eune, and does not implement minimum max available stuff, which is anyway less than it was with ip, especially since everything is more expensive now. Requires more essence to upgrade masteries, and ip you gained more all the time.
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