So... RIOT... What's up?

I just noticed that EUW finally got their well deserved IP boost... Thing is, are you going to compensate somehow for EUNE, since our theoretical maximum for boost was 300% versus 400% and 450% in other regions. Not to mention this thing became bugged and gave WAY less IP than it was supposed to (25 minute, 5-man-party games only 200IP or less for example). I grinded myself 25K "starter" IP, but come on, there's a HUGE difference between what EUNE got and what other regions got. Note: new queue was disabled for EUNE as well... EDIT: Someone commented that EUW shows 300% only as well and Rioter replied "we're working on a fix right now". Are you working on it same way you did for EUNE AKA wait until boost week is over and pretend like nothing happened? EDIT2: Truth be told, I don't care if we get something or not, but this is simply outrageous. As a person who is sort of a "perfectionist" and as someone who seeks for fairness, this is exactly opposite of what I expected. If you advertise 450% boost in banner and later say "woops, it's 450% only for NA, you get 400%", I'm sitting here thinking: "what the f#%! man!?". Then, if you disable new queues and throw us some bugged ass IP boost you think you fixed problem and no one will care? Riot, you're just a disappointment. You're behaving like a dochebag company, that doesn't care about their customers and their well-being, but rather inside of their wallet.

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