*Queues in to a lobby*

Oh boy, I sure can't wait for another game of solo queue! Well, it's time for bans, lets just make sure nothing super broken goes through by using our three bans. Since after all, three bans is enough to make sure: * Fiora doesn't stomp top and proceeds to tower dive 1v2 at 20 minutes under an inhibitor turret and gets a double.. * Udyr doesn't just do what he pleases and cosplays Mundo, going where he pleases as well. * Kog doesn't just press W and shreds teams 1v5. * Malphite doesn't auto tilt your ADC from minute one by simply being in the game and force them to play one handed while they use the other hand to gently lube up their butthole. * Lux doesn't one shot your backline or chunks your tanks for 60% hp by just hitting R across a teamfight. * Quinn doesn't terrorise top lane and makes your top so useless they may as well AFK. * Win Zhao stays in season One. * Soraka wins by forcing you to play 3v5 since your bot had to stop playing since they had to make their Chemo appointment. * Gangplank chunks everyone despite being 0/10. * Zed/Talon deletes your ADC faster than you can say "Just buy QSS/Just Pink". * Janna doesn't just auto win unless your bot lane plays lane phase absolutely perfectly, and the tanks + assassins of the team play the teamfights perfectly. I sure am glad that we have a sufficient ban phase to ensure that the few outliers on the balance spectrum get eliminated.
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