To swap or not to swap (roles)

We've all been there. We get to the champion select screen in ranked and somebody starts to complain about the role they got with the autofill and ask people to swap. About 90% of the time it's the support saying they just can't play support. The first answer that comes to my mind is "Ranked is for people who can fill any role. If you can't play support, don't play ranked". However, saying that is not really gonna help anybody, so I save it for myself. I main jungler, I'm a decent support and ADC, and I'm pretty weak in top and mid. Taking that into account, my general rules in this situation are: 1. If he's mid and top, that's a no-no. I'm very weak in those roles. Taking one of those will certainly make the team weaker no matter what. 2. If he's the ADC, I go for it. Even if I got jungler and that means I will play worse as ADC, it also probably means he will play better and be happier as the jungler, so all in all our team will probably do better. 3. If he's the support and I'm the jungler I don't swap. Unlike the ADC, when the guy complaining is the sup, there's no reason to believe he will do better as jungler than as sup, and I will probably do better as jungler. 4. If he's the sup and I'm not the jungler I swap. Even if he doesn't play better in my role, I won't play worse as sup either, so no harm is done to the team. Since (3) is by far the most common situation, most times I don't swap. My question is: Is this a good approach? Do you win more often if you give up your role when somebody complains about theirs?
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