Do people really enjoy this game?

I don't remember the last time seeing someone say "Wow, I enjoy League!" Whenever I talk to my friends about League, they say "That game is crap, you can't enjoy it anymore" Whenever I talk to strangers, they say similar stuff. And honestly, I have to agree with them. I played two games today, and I honestly can't enjoy this game anymore. When I play normals, I want to have fun, try something new, but I encounter a enemy team, where at least 3 of the players have mastery level 7 on their heroes, and they spam the emote every time they kill you. I can't enjoy the game knowing that this game doesn't require skills anymore, it just requires a specific hero with a specific item build. That saying, tanks are still the superior class out of all. I really don't see how people are still enjoying the game.
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