Recommendations for TFT

After playing 6+ games and being first 3 times i wanted to give some recommendations that absolutely no one will care. #1 - Glacial combos are so op, especially things like rapid cannon+rageblade volibear that stuns all enemies for more than 3 seconds. #2 - Make the game appear in match history, give you rewards, exp etc(because why would you play something that's for nothing?) #3 - Phantom dancer is so op, it should be something like "it has high chance to block crit" instead of just blocking all crit, so if you have only crit DPS, and enemy has 2 tanks with phantom dancers you insta lose. #4 - Add an option to change the settings just for TFT and not the normal game itself, because i want to see player names in TFT but not in SR. #5 - Let us choose a starting character, its so boring with the default one. #6 - Add more champs. **Ranked is coming, and it actually fits well to TFT, but make the game depend less on chance, i can fight NPCs(drake etc.) and get nothing but enemy can get more than 3 times. That's it.
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