good job riot

riot games is my favourite company and its totally not like the support has not helped me for once in 5 years this is the ca20 th time my account is going to get perma banned because i always end up talking in chat and because i never learn from my stupid mistakes im currently sitting at p4 and the only way to stop my team from behaving like total monkey children is to instruct them what to do im not even joking and apart from that i have to give them moral support aswell or my team will run it down it takes so little to break the mental of these people like i take 4 cs as a support to have our wave pushing into the enemy turret as im the only one on the lane and my adc will run it down so im writing in the chat like the idiot i am and i get punished so i wanted to beg riot support to just give me a perma chat ban last year and they wont im on the edge of getting the perma ban again and i think ill write to riot clown support again but yeh i dont see me winning any games i dont want to be the gatekeeper for gold elo players if i dont write i dont gain lp thats just how it is but not worth to get banned yet again however if i ask for a perma chat ban my honor will be locked at 0 i think thats how it might work which means any random report will get me bamnned aswell but its riot games after all the %%%%ing richest company cashing in on all them children and they still cant fix my problem which isnt my problem at all but a problem that 50%of the players have {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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