The latest patch has made the game unenjoyable for me

I think the game was maybe in it's most balanced state in patch 7.21 (The patch before pre-season). Of course there were a few "op" picks but they at least required you to have some amount of skill to use them effectively. Well now we've jumped to patch 7.22 and there's so much things wrong. I get it, it's pre-season for a good reason. But I just hate it how one of my favourite games is going to be unenjoyable for the next two weeks or even more. Why's that then? These are just my experience so far but... Well... * The runes are very interesting. But creating even one page is very time-consuming. * The runepages cost quite a lot of blue essence. * If you're a slow person like me, you have to have a lot of them if you don't want to make terrible rune choices in champion select. * The runes make possible for someone to snowball easily and be absolutely unstoppable. **Every game** I've been in so far has had at least one person with a KD(A) of over 4. Very likely to be even over 7. * If you pick even one slightly worse rune than your opponent(s), you lose your lane and possibly the entire game * Every game I either feel unstoppable (very unlikely) or get absolutely demolished. The latest game I was in went 0/6/0 because I literally couldn't do anything against the snowballed Lucian and Braum. * People do way more damage than before. Assassins even more. * People die 3x more often than before but the respawn times are still the same. Naturally, I feel like I stare at a grey screen more than play the damn game. * Some of the bad stuff happening with the runes are so confusing I can't even explain them. You don't have to agree with me but I feel like I just had to write about it. If some of these things won't be fixed/adjusted in the next patch or two. I **will** quit League. One thing is for sure though. I'm not playing on this patch anymore.
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