i hate current league.....

1. its not balanced.....champions like swain or vlad or pretty much every fuckin tank/bruiser is just beyong being broken.... 2. dynamic que.... hey i just fought a 2+2+1 vs. 4+1 matchup......guess who won....this ranked system is so fuckin bad,....its reidiclous...... GIVE US SOLO-Q BACK YOU TRASH COMPANY !!!! 3. the community is 100% ebola+aids mixed together..... they are playing like idiot, an they blame always someone else for their mistakes. the blamed guy will flame because of the blame,.....the flaming guy will get punished/banned, and the blaming dude will stay and keep up his "not-toxic" style of plays. 4. League is gaining players,....but at the same time they are losing "the old player" because of the stupid changes to get the "new players"... 5. Riot just gives a fuck about the community......we want a replay-system since season2....we didnt get one (not a 3rd program), we wanted solo-q, we got dynamic-q ......we still want solo-q, they removed solo-q for ever. fuck you Riot....

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