How to survive as sion early?

Hi i wounder if there is any Sion (top) mains out there who wants to share how they manage to survivie early. I have lot of Sion games as support so know the him well but the start in toplane is just..... I am so weak, bad damage, no tankyness and above all so Little mana. I have laned agains Darius, Volibear, Swain, Malphite, Hecarim Garen and all exept Garen seams to counter me early. The games there the damage doesnt destroy my farm i am able to come back and win the lane if i can maintain enough lanepressue to ceep my opponent from roaming. So what starting item is best form him? {{item:2033}} i dont know why i dont like these one, i will get 225 mana and 375 helt from it Before first stop and some extra damage. {{item:1027}} {{item:2031}} if we assume i first back will be at 7 min it will have given me 565 mana and 250 Health, these is my favorite againt all opponents right now. {{item:1054}} {{item:2003}} allows me to tank more damage {{item:1055}} {{item:2003}} early ad is good avd the lifesteal doesnt hurt {{item:1028}} {{item:2003}} I really like a early {{item:3751}} and healt dont hurt but 275 and no mana is bery bad i use 0/12/18 masteries i got 2 runepages for him, the first is scaleing seals of armor, flat armor marks, flat armor quintensses and scaleing glypths of magic resis and is used against ad champions. The second is Flat magic resist quintensess, scaleing magic restist glyphts´, scaleing armor seals and hybrid penetration marks and is used against against ap champions. Is there anything i can do better and how do you manage the first 15 min, the game usualy turns after that if i havnt died more then 2 times.
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