Reworking op abilities?

I was thinking the other day how frustrating it is playing against champs with op abilities. Now, I'm not a great player, I recently had a kid and get almost no time to play and got stuck in bronze for the time being but still please hear me out and see it from my perspective. I'm talking about champs or particularly abilities that require little or no skill to use and totally tilt a fight. Some examples: Garens ult (basically press r and click enemy) Viegars ult (as above) Yi (press R and if you are ahead in the game, get a penta) Teemo (stupid champ anyway, no one likes you teemo) Now these champs are not played much in high Elo games because with enough understanding and skill they are fairly easy to counter, but at lower levels they are just stupid. When a team is full of players that don't understand the mechanics or the games meta, you just get a snowball champ that presses a "win button". I honestly think these "win buttons" need to go. Look at fiora for example. Super strong right now but the or requires timing and good position, you can't just press R and win the fight. What are your opinions on this guys? These abilities are too dumb for this game and are really boring. I don't mind loosing a a dual against a skilled player but when you know the other guy just pressed a button and you lost all your health, kinda sucks.
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